Dainese Motorbike Leathersuits


Dainese has meant leather suits since 1972, from the first colored leather suits to the invention of sliders, back protectors and the aerodynamic hump, up to the first integrated airbag.
Technology, freedom of movement and maximum protection. Choose your Dainese suit: one-piece for motorcycle GP track performance, two-piece for maximum safety on the road as well.

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Dainese Motorcycle Leather Tracksuit: safety and style

Since 1972, Dainese has established itself as a benchmark in the world of leather motorcycle suits, combining tradition and innovation to offer maximum safety and comfort. Our two-piece motorcycle suits represent excellence in the field, designed for those seeking the perfect fusion of performance and style. Each 2-piece leather motorcycle suit is the result of advanced research and passion for speed, ensuring unparalleled protection on the road.

Technological Innovation and Comfort

In our range, you will find leather motorcycle two-piece suits that meet the needs of the most demanding motorcyclists. Our motorcycle two-piece suits are not only a symbol of safety but also of style and technology: they are constructed in fine cowhide leather and feature elasticated inserts at various points to offer high levels of mobility and ergonomics. Furthermore, aerodynamics is maximized thanks to the presence of a hump on the back and the patented construction with double zip on the leg bottom, which widens the lower part and allows locking the boot IN through the internal Velcro band.

Choose the Quality of Dainese motorcycle leather suits

Opting for a Dainese two-piece motorcycle suit means choosing a garment that combines high-quality materials, cutting-edge design, and the most innovative protection technology guaranteed by certified composite protectors on shoulders, elbows, and knees, soft protectors on the hips, aluminum plates on the shoulders, and replaceable sliders on the knees. Discover the complete range on Dainese.com and find the suit that suits you best.