Dainese Motorbike Leathersuits


Dainese has meant leather suits since 1972, from the first colored leather suits to the invention of sliders, back protectors and the aerodynamic hump, up to the first integrated airbag.
Technology, freedom of movement and maximum protection. Choose your Dainese suit: one-piece for motorcycle GP track performance, two-piece for maximum safety on the road as well.

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Professional Whole Motorcycle Suits: Dainese Excellence

For over half a century, Dainese has stood out in the world of two wheels with its one-piece motorcycle suits, becoming an undisputed reference point for speed and performance enthusiasts. Our one-piece leather motorcycle suits represent excellence in the sector, the result of constant research and unparalleled passion for motorcycling.

High-Quality Materials and Innovative Technologies

Our range of one-piece leather motorcycle suits is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders. Each suit is made using premium cowhide leather and elasticated inserts that increase ergonomics to the highest levels, and consequently, safety as well. The one-piece motorcycle suits developed by Dainese offer elevated protection thanks to the presence of composite protectors on elbows and knees, soft protections on the hips, metal plates on the shoulders, and replaceable sliders on the knees. Dainese also offers two one-piece motorcycle suits equipped with the exclusive D-air® RACING SHIELD 3X system, characterized by the Racing Shield airbag with patented microfilament technology that supports up to 3 activations. The system covers the neck, collarbones, and shoulders area and can be reactivated, after a fall, by independently replacing the latest generation gas generator.

Design and High-Quality Materials

At Dainese, we believe that safety should never compromise style. That's why our one-piece motorcycle suits combine innovative design and high-quality materials, to ensure not only protection but also an unmistakable look. Choosing a Dainese one-piece motorcycle suit means relying on decades of experience, research, and passion in the motorcycling sector. Discover the complete range and find the suit that's right for you because when it comes to speed and safety, detail makes the difference.